Lizzie Borden, What Really Happened?

Lizzie, Andrew & Mrs. Borden

Like the rest of us interested in true crime, I too read the stories, watched the movie and wondered about the murders. I have gone over it many times in my head and yes there were tons of confusion going on that day in the house, the family and Fall River. Recently an episode of Psychic Kids on Investigation ID, did a walk through as well, coming to the conclusion that a man had committed the murders. There have been all kinds of theories. The theory that I am going to give you is strictly from forensic astrology with notes from trial transcripts.

I constructed three forensic charts;   one chart for the day in question that the murders happened August 4, 1892 and one for Lizzie Borden and one for Emma Borden. As I progressed I realized there was more going on in the house and family than one can imagine and I constructed a chart for Emma as well. Here is where I believe some more of the actual flavor and feel of the house and family is revealed.

On Aug 4th, 1892, the day was a 5 day. The letters N,E and W  go into play. 5 is a higher number and so this tells me at least 5 people were included, involved, knew or had some connection to the murders. 5 Indicates physical, blood, weapons, children, animals, anger, heart and fire. Blood loss was obvious in this case. A weapon was obvious in this case. Lizzie burned(fire) her dress that was thought to have been evidence in this case. Children especially the child Lizzie played an important role in this case. I also believe the animals played a part in this case.

The Sun was in Leo (this is the 5th sign of the zodiac, 5). It was a hot time of the year. When people are overly hot, they have a tendency to be irritable.  Tempers flare easily.

The Moon was also in a hot sign, Sagittarius. There was some kind of talks going on about school, futures, moving, church and the long distance futures of people in the household. I am picking up someone wanted some kind of freedoms,independence. Somebody wanted to travel. There was a traveler there, John Morse, the brother of Sarah Morse, Lizzie’s biological Mother’s brother. He was there to transfer some property.

The flavor that I am pulling from this is dissension, anger. This did not seem to be a happy transfer. It was a transfer that came from remorse or purpose and not with happiness. Did someone think this would be their’s one day? This was the Borden vacation home. I can feel the tension in doing this chart of the day. It didn’t seem like anyone was happy with this transfer. Recent talks about a will also complicated this tension to a new height. It is reported that there was so much tension the girls went on extended vacations. So there is the travel I am talking about. Yet in the transcripts, Lizzie flatly denies any such talks about wills.

The house was occupied by four, but there was 5 present the day of the murders. Lizzie, Bridget the maid, Abby the step mother, Andrew Borden, John Morse was staying there but out for that time period. Two people were killed so three were likely to be involved.

Animals did play a part in all this. I read Lizzie’s will and she left a fairly decent donation to animal shelters from her estate. Andrew sold the horse they had. He also chopped off the heads of the pigeons with an axe. His reasoning was that the local boys were sneaking into the barn and they could get hurt. By the pigeons? This does not make sense and tells you that there were a lot of evil games and get backs going on.  Lizzie loved animals and this had to be a shock to find the pigeons bloodied this way.

Andrew Borden although wealthy was not well liked and often considered a miser. Mutton was eaten for days at a time and their personal excrements were thrown out the back door. Just prior to the murders the whole family came down with food poisoning which was thought to be from the mutton. However it was reported that Lizzie had been to the druggist to buy prussic acid (hydrogen cyanide) just before the murders. This was brought out by the druggist, but could not be used in court.

According to the chart of the day there was an explosive argument among the family. Yes this did include wills and death talks. The family as I see it from the chart was very dysfunctional and there was some kind of alcohol or chemical abuse going on as well. Maybe this is where the prussic acid comes into play. Maybe other chemicals were being used in the house.  I do not believe sleeping pills were on the market then and poisons were a way to kill people. Poisons like arsenic for example. Pluto was in Gemini and someone wanted power, control and this transit indicates explosions, mental and communication problems. There was a definite power struggle going on in the family.

Here there was also Neptune in Gemini indicating confusion, delusion and illusion. So appearances were not okay inside the home as they may have appeared to the public. This may also indicate staging of a crime scene that day. Neptune is hidden things, closets, basement, storage areas. Neptune is also chemical abuse. Was someone abusing chemicals in some way?  Strong emotions also add to the drama that day. Somebody snapped.

I am picking up that Andrew Borden might have had a stomach problem that was not clearly diagnosed, from the chart. As the chart indicates the father, Andrew as having health problems. Maybe this is why the talks about the will and division of property. It seems that someone was going to the doctor on a regular basis during this time. He would have been 70 years old that year. Saturn was in Virgo indicating health problems with bones and stomach. Also stress.

This surprise attack also seemed planned from the chart. It seemed methodical, thought out, orchestrated. The plan according to the chart was to kill Abby first. I think this was the original plan, as Abby was getting in the way and was to the girls, the outsider. Abby was siding with the father on many things, creating a two against two situation, a blockade of change. I am picking up that Lizzie wanted to be the mother, reign, be in control.  Abby I believe was the original target, until it happened. Than the realization that Mr.Borden was not going to change, he would probably remarry, as he did the first time, creating the whole situation over again. There was hatred for Abby. There was an overkill with blows struck to the head. She was the number one target and “object” I believe as the girls roadblock to freedom. The girls may have thought she had no right to step into their lives and tell them what to do, not being their natural mother. They may have felt no love coming from her at all. Always, this is hard for a woman to do in a blended family.

Pluto was in Gemini (2). The area indicated is neighbor or family members. Was one of the people drugged? Put to sleep so they would be vulnerable? This is a possibility. The illness that they all  suffered just prior to the murders may have been a way to weaken the enemy so to speak. Take them off guard. When the realization that father Borden wasn’t going to change and he may become worse thinking who killed his wife, Mr. Borden’s death was obvious.

The plan could include to kill up to 3 to 4 people. What you will see is that the two people that created the blockade are taken out. Today known as a spree killing. The person was worried about time, visitors, other people moving about the house, being discovered. Jupiter was in Aries. Aries indicates the head and blood. The person was after blood, heads. This is similar to the pigeons right here. Chopping the pigeons heads off. Chopping heads, eliminating people. It definitely was a plan to kill, not just mame. They had routes down, times planned out and alibis in place.

The person had to be covered in blood. This was a vicious massive attack. Or the person was totally covered in some way as to prevent the blood from getting on them.

During this time danger was coming from mental problems, anger, arguments. Mars is in Aquarius. Communications were horrible. Nobody was friends with anyone. The Northwest corner of the house,  had a danger element. There was no break in. How could an intruder plan this so well?  They couldn’t. Here this feels like a young male’s energy (but male energy may have been coming from a female). Was someone paid to kill the parents? A mental youthful male in his 20s with much rage. Here is where William Borden, Andrew Borden’s illegitimate son may come into play. Maybe Lizzie had convinced her half brother to do this and they would all inherit. However I do not see his name mentioned in any wills or in the family burial grounds.

Abby Borden is another story. Abby was the step mother as Andrew’s wife Sarah died when Lizzie was about three years old. I am not sure what the “story” was at that time, but I can tell you there was physical abuse in the house when Lizzie was small. It is in her chart. There were arguments when Lizzie was a child over what else, money. I am feeling more like this man beat this woman or caused her death in some way.

What also prompts me to look at this is that Mr. Borden remarried almost immediately after his first wife’s death. Mr. Borden also had an illegitimate son. Mr. Borden clearly had his mind on women.

Let’s just say that if Lizzie saw this and loved her mommie, this would have been a catalyst in why she may have killed her father and Abby.What is puzzling, is that Emma was ten years older than Lizzie and would have seen more, been victimized more if there was abuse going on. Is it that Emma was so traumatized that she was afraid of her father? I understand there are two murders here, but something was going extremely wrong in this household.

There are some quotes that I took from the transcripts of the trail that indicate hatred for Abby. Lizzie said, “she is a mean thing, we hate her”. This was said to the cloak maker. Notice Lizzie uses the plural “we hate her”. This is very important.  Lizzie said, “she is not my mother, my mother is dead”.  Another clue here is that in the last five years it is reported that Lizzie referred to Abby as “Mrs. Borden”.

This was not a successful blended family. This was a mess. There was an extreme clash of personalities and I will get into that later when I compare all the signs living under one roof together. This was major head games. No child protection to call at that point.

There were three entrances to the residence. All of which were locked, bolted and had screen hooks. The front part of the house occupied by Emma and Lizzie and the back occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Borden. It is clear from the testimony that no one slipped into this house, committed the murders in this short period of time and slipped out.

Mrs. Borden was found in the upstairs guest room above the parlor and yes this is in the Northwest corner of the home. This is the front upper half of the house facing 2nd Street. Mr.Borden was found in the sitting room, a flight down from Mrs. Borden.

Mars in Aquarius indicates mental problems, arguments again and confirms that there is no friendly atmosphere here in this house. There is jealousy, greed, hatred and it doesn’t sound like anyone was getting any help or guidance for any of this. At that time many things were secreted from the public eye or kept at home. No one knew anyone else’s business.

Strange chemicals were used, how ever they were received. Maybe the prussic acid was used to clean the axe.

The crime scene was not secured and many people ran all over the residence.

Lizzie confidently lied on the stand and was caught in it.

Lizzie changed her story several times about where she was exactly when her father came home and also what she was doing in the barn.

There was no evidence of a break in or a robbery.

No one saw anyone come in or leave the house, including Lizzie.

There were two little girls, whose mother had died, instantly thrust into another life with a strange woman who became hated through the years. The evil stepmother?

The two of these people, Mr and Mrs. Borden were killed violently with an axe. I will also say over killed. The mystery is strange because there is information locked into the family’s secret vault of no-nos. I could be wrong but I am picking up that these two people were extremely difficult to live with.

The life and home was a pressure cooker ready to go off. Go off it did.


Birth Signs That Lived In The House

Andrew Borden was a Virgo, Earth sign. These signs can be neurotic as they have two planetary rulers, Venus and Mercury. They are changeable, love change, visits and are often nervous nits. There are two kinds of Virgo:  one organized environment but mentally disorganized and the other mentally organized and environment hap hazard. Many male Virgos can be wealthy prior to 35 if they manage their money correctly. Than they become obsessed with the money.

Abby Borden was a Capricorn and generally these signs are strong, want their own way and are steadfast in their thinking. They are a power sign that often likes to feel and be superior. If I were to select who was the boss in the family, I would say Abby. Abby was a strong person and solid in her ways, also frugal with money. Married to Mr. Borden she may have felt she had control of the finances and the family.

Here both Mr and Mrs Borden were both earth signs that had a common ground of stability, money, finances, security and strength. They were not willing to give out so easily. This may have been a frustrating force for the two girls to do anything or get anything. Mrs Borden was married into the family, but to the girls this may have felt like a cheat, as if someone steps ahead of you in a grocery line kind of thing.

Emma the oldest girl, was about ten years older than Lizzie and a Pisces. I happened to see a picture on Find a Grave and neither Sarah, the first wife or Emma look happy at all. Emma was about 41 when the murders occurred. Emma was reportedly in Fairhaven when the murders occurred, or was she?  Did she get prussic acid to wash possibly the axe? As she appeared very soon after the murders had happened. In the picture on Find A grave it appears that Emma has some type of injury to her arm.The right arm to be exact. Is this the abuse that I saw in the chart?

Emma was a Pisces, a water sign, emotional, nocturnal and psychic.Prone to whining, complaining, crying, fussiness, nightmares and needed constant reassurance and attention. Here is where some of the emotions of the house and family start coming to the surface if you ask me. Has anyone ever lived with a Pisces out there?  They can be so changeable mood wise. Many times they are illusionists, capable of delusion and confusion is their game. Emma was one emotional bomb ready to go off.

Emma was the oldest, knew more than Lizzie and was the big sister and helped in the care of Lizzie when Sarah, the biological mom died. This child right here might have been capable of all kinds of tricks and tantrums to get her way.

What is funny is that Lizzie was a Cancer sign. Another water sign. Very emotional and would have been attached to mother and also have a similar personality as Emma. Lizzie was also receptive, possibly psychic and may have had her ups and downs with emotions, especially concerning the family and the mother of the house. Here is the other emotional bomb ready to go off.

Both these girls may have been prone to drink alcohol, use chemicals to either dilute their feelings or escape from what they believed was torture living with the two earth signs that would not give an inch. Both these girls together would have been quite a crying bombshell always ready to go off. If one wasn’t crying, the other was.

I think what you are beginning to see is a stand off, two against two here in the family and that is what I feel was happening. I think what I feel is a war zone, a stand off, no one was giving. There were no negotiations and the battle was raging on. This battle was growing as the girls grew and they wanted more and more in life as far as money, possessions, power and control. The step-mother was a formidable enemy viewed by the girls, as they girls felt that Abby was on the Father’s side and protecting her own assets.

I believe the girls may have tried talking to the Bordens, reasoning with them, but they felt isolated. I think this is why they traveled so much. They needed away from the stand off and the Bordens may have also needed a beak from them. Both girls were for some reason reaching marrying age and not progressing with male boyfriends. Here I suspect sexual abuse. I say suspect because from what I have read there is no talk or writing of it. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. This was an era of silence when it came to sex.

I feel that this was more like a conspiracy of the children than just one child, Lizzie. Did Emma slip back into the house and help? Maybe her part wasn’t the actual murders but of the acid, and she did help for sure according to transcripts of the cleanup. She was reported to be in Fairhaven, yet a letter sent was returned. Also it is reported that Emma stood by Lizzie’s side during the entire trial.

These murders happened for a reason and there was definitely over kill, anger, resentment and frustration was at the base of that anger.

Two earth signs and two water signs.Earth signs that want to save and are thrifty about money and two emotional children that have lost their mother, hate their step mother and are possibly abused by their father, either physically, sexually, emotionally or all three.

The girls grew up, neither was married and they were considered spinsters by this time in their life. Can anyone ask why this happened?  Why would they not date boys?  If sexual abuse was happening, the girls had their share of sex the wrong way. If sex was happening with the father, the father would than take on a “there’re all mine” attitude and now allow any other boys into his secret concubine. It is even reported after the murders that Lizzie may have been carrying on a relationship with an actress Nance O’Neill.

Another thing that comes to mind is the amount of doors in the house and the locks and bolts etc. Doors in language equates to sex and sexual abuse. That era was a time where while burglaries did exist, it was not like today, by any stretch of the imagination.


Lizzie Borden’s Astrology Chart

I have found by doing the natural order of the astrology chart that you get more accuracy than the ascendant. While I do not have the time of birth for Lizzie, I am sure that her rising sign  may have been a fire sign.

Lizzie was born July 19, 1860. Lizzie was a Cancer water sign, very emotional, psychic and sensitive.

Lizzie was sensitive, psychic, loved outdoors, animals and nature. She was extremely emotional and changeable. Lizzie was a Cancer. A water sign. Water signs are always emotional. The Cancer usually has mother ties, issues or problems going on with the mother figure in their life. This was true of Lizzie as her mother died by the age of three and she had a new step mother.

Cancer the crab hangs on to things. It is hard for them to dismiss little slights. Cancer natives are known to hold a grudge. I am feeling that Lizzie did exactly that. While most Cancers come off quiet, there is tons going on inside the mind and heart.  What I am picking up here is heartbreak to the truest sense.

We learn in the psychology of behavior that all behavior is motivated. Frustration is at the root of anger. The crime here involves heads, blood and making sure they cannot come back. I do not in my heart of hearts believe this was cold blooded murder. I believe that there was something going on in this house so evil, vile and hateful that the girls, especially Lizzie had to do something about it. Granted it was wrong, but think about what their options were.

Would Abby, the step mother believe either of the girls that sexual abuse was going on? Abby was on the Father’s side. Mr. Borden has lots of money and at that point could probably buy his way out of anything. Would any authorities have believed the girls? John Morse the Uncle, may have believed them, as his own sister may have said something to him about her situation. John Morse was there at that time. He may have known that Borden cheated on his sister and probably knew of the illegitimate son running around. John Morse may have even questioned the death of his sister, but couldn’t do anything about it. From John Morse I pick up love for his nieces.

I think it was very convenient to say the least that he was there the day before the murders, preparing to take over the vacation residence. He hadn’t been around in so long that it just so happens he is there, the biological Uncle of the girls, the day before the murders happen. Also that the transfer of the property happens just prior to the murders. I do not believe this is a coincidence. John Morse was also staying in the guest room, where Abby was murdered and missed the murderer by hours. Yet, he was not murdered.

Heads talk, say things, do things and make the decisions for a person. The hurt comes from the face. Expressions are seen on the face.  The person comes from behind cannot bear to look into the face of the victim. This hurts as well, so it is done from behind. Abby was hit from behind. There was no chance for her to say anymore, do anymore. Maybe the person was also truly afraid of this person physically and knew that Abby was strong and could resist or hurt the attacker from a long time ago. There are reasons why the attack on Abby happened from behind.

In the court transcripts Andrew Borden had his set ways of going to his businesses, the bank, collecting his monies and doing things. The day that the murders happened, Lizzie clearly states she knew this was Mr. Borden’s normal schedule. Lizzie knew what time breakfast was. She was there in the house with Abby while Bridgett was cleaning the windows. I do not feel Bridgett played any role in this murder at all. While she may have not liked the Bordens and this was never brought out to my knowledge, she was hired, employed and followed orders as a servant of the Bordens. She would be out of a job if she did this.

At two years old there is abuse and a death of a female around her. This must be her mother Sarah. The chart indicates bone problems, abuse, throat injuries to the mother. I firmly stick by the chart and believe that Andrew Borden was abusive. I have no other information at my finger tips to prove this and maybe some other researchers that are nearer to the case than me can provide this information. The death and than a marriage seems to happen to close together for me to not think about this possibility.

Lizzie has three powerful retrogrades in her chart. Retrogrades. hold you back, create challenges for the person to overcome and set about real issues to deal with in one’s life. One planet Mars is retrograde in Capricorn and that is father and restriction. This also seems to imply secret abuse severe hatred. Lizzie herself would have teeth and bone problems from this and extreme problems with government.This of course was the trial.

Another retrograde is Neptune in Pisces. Here is where there may have been extreme emotional problems, suicidal tendencies, closets, secrets and possible drug or chemical abuse of some kind. I do believe what I am reading in these charts that secret abuse was happening in this household.

Lizzie had another retrograde;  Venus in Cancer. This is loss of mother. This was devastating to Lizzie. Maybe it was how her father took it, handled it or replaced her mother that Lizzie detested. I can tell you that this started early by the time Lizzie was 7 and 1/2 years of age that another woman was introduced as Lizzie’s mother did not fare well at all. Lizzie never accepted this, got over it and harbored emotional trauma and resentment for years.

From this I am also seeing that the new mother Mrs. Abby Borden did not want to be their mother.  I am feeling a mother by name and not the emotions and love that comes with it from the chart.

By the time Lizzie was 10 years of age massive sexual changes were taking place in her body and her life. I do believe there was sexual abuse happening by an older man. Yes there was love but this was a strange attachment I am picking up from the chart. Again I will point out the girls did not marry and were considered spinsters. Who made them this way? During this phase I also see restriction. This would have also complicated any relationship in the household with jealousy.

Lizzie was 32 years of age when the murders occurred. Lizzie has entered her astrology chart for the second time around and with experience as well astrologers call it. Pluto the planet of life and death is present in her chart at that time. Who ever killed the Bordens was ready to commit suicide and kill themself. The situation could no longer be tolerated. This was war.

Pluto was in Taurus for two, money and power. There would be broken bones and possible neck and throat damage. Love and money were at the root of the problem as well as past abuse. This position is in the exact same spot where Lizzie’s mother originally died when she was about two years old. Coincidence?

The next two and a half years show extreme public strangeness, media and investigations. I say that two to three had been friends, planned this and were now facing public scrutiny. However they would be freed. Lizzie’s chart indicates that had she been put in jail for any length of time she would have poisoned herself in some way and not lived it out. Some of what occurred was revenge for her mother’s death and their life without a mother and all the emotions that one has to live with, in that situation. It may have also been for abuse.

Lizzie turned to animals as they give unconditional love. It was a replacement for what was not present in the home. The animals were her life. I am sure there were some heated arguments with he father, as Lizzie was stubborn, physical and had a great imagination. The girls were actually beautiful but something made them hide and stay reclusive.

Lizzie’s chart also indicated that she wanted children but something was wrong.

Astrological Chart for Emma Borden

Emma was a Pisces born March 1, 1851. Another water sign, psychic and sensitive. Emma was very much like Lizzie. So now you see there were two water signs in the house and two earth signs.

Water signs are weepy, changeable, moody, sensitive, emotional,receptive. Not to mention that Emma had three planets in Pisces making her more psychic, sensitive, receptive and nocturnal. Emma loved the night and may have stayed up all nights at times as it was quiet and she could retreat or skip about the house without orders.

Emma had one huge retrograde in the house of marriage and relationships. She didn’t want to marry and this may be what she was exposed to or had seen in their life. Emma was musical and had talent she didn’t even know about. I am not sure that any of this ever came out either. Emma loved to dance and may have secretly been trying to play or sing, or take lessons.

What ever happened to Emma’s mother during childbirth had played a part on Emma’s mental condition as well. Emma had either learning disorders, some kind of mental problems, and had tantrums and erratic behavior patterns. This too was kept from the public. There is a reason why the murders took place. Emma needed more help and may have been ignored or not given help. Mentally she was nervous, had social skill problems and getting along with other people. High strung, heightened activity  like ADHD for example. Emma was either so sensitive to things happening around her or would lose her temper very quickly.

When Emma was born, the chart shows blood loss and possible head injury to the child. The labor may have come on suddenly due to abuse, a fall, a kick. An early birth or injury related birth is seen in Emma’s chart. Once again secrets were going on in the house prior to Emma’s birth. This may have been chemicals, drinking and private abuse. I know what the chart is telling. I have studied these charts a long time. Strong emotions were also at play. Emma was born under all these influences so yes she was born with problems because of this.

Also there was air loss or breathing problems to Emma at birth. This resulted in mental and brain problems for Emma.

I am seeng Emma have head injuries, nose bleeds and bleeding problems from when she was born. This child could not settle down. They did not expect Emma to live.I am almost seeing Emma with an enlarged head or problem in the head.

Emma’s mother, Sarah would have also had bleeding problems. Blood problems were now present and presenting themselves.

Emma had hatred for the father from birth. Did she know what went on?  Did she feel he didn’t want her?  Something happened that Emma grew resentment toward the father from infancy. Here I pick up anger, angry outbursts. The father was brutal with his mouth, head and took his anger out on everyone around him. I pick up the father was a bully, threatened, injured and frightened everyone, especially Emma.

Emma may have relayed all this information to Lizzie. The two sisters forming a bond.

Emma saw blood from when she was small. Mr Borden killed everything and maybe this was to eat and feed his family, but blood was a daily part of their lives, especially with the axe. In a way the killing was like an instant replay of what the girls both saw in their life. The way to take control was kill.

I am not sure but I would wonder if Mr. Borden slaughtered his animals in front of the girls and killed others in front of them? As I said secrets were really going on in the house. Servants were also possibly beaten.

What you saw at the trial was Lizzie under composure. No emotions. Emma under control, no emotions. Emma stood by Lizzie throughout the entire trial. Later the dysfunction of the house also got to them and there was a power struggle between them as well. This does not go away. I am sure that both were in fear of each other at that point.

If John Morse knew what happened to the girls with abuse, he may have helped the girls pull this off. Maybe that is why he was there and receiving the vacation property. How was it planned that he come there, stay and be there for that transfer of property on that day?  This is too coincidental for me to say that it did not play a part in the murders.

Then you take a look at the fact that Emma was not there but on vacation. Is this because she would be blamed for the murders due to her outbursts and mental problems? Was Emma on errands to get acid or other chemicals to help clean?  Which she did when she returned to the house immediately.

I did not see either girl break down and cry uncontrollably over the two deaths. Not in articles, not in any readings that I had done. Lizzie was under total control and had Dr. Bowen go and telegraph Emma and he did leave the house as instructed. Lizzie was in control. No one was looking for intruders, including Lizzie. Not even worried about intruders.

Lizzie diverted Bridget by telling her that Mrs. Borden got a note and left the house, a direct lie. Than Lizzie lied again and said she thought she heard Mrs. Borden return, when it was clear from the evidence that Mrs. Borden had died a time before Mr. Borden and never left the house at all.

What I see is that the heirs of the estate Lizzie and Emma now had money. The town responded to that money and the money controlled the town and the outcome of the trial. Were there issues going on inside that house of the Bordens?  No doubt in my mind. People were on the Bordens’ payrolls. Lizzie and Emma now controlled all that. Lizzie and Emma now had control of the town, the people through all that money. How can you convict the two girls that are holding assets controlling the town?  During the trial I think that was figured out. The economical cost of the trial would have been devastating to many in that town at the time. The war was over.

I can’t prove much of what I have seen in the charts, especially relating to abuse and sexual abuse, but I know how to read charts and what they tell me. The Bordens were murdered and this was over kill. You have to ask yourself, WHY? Once I worked on the two charts of Lizzie and Emma as well as the chart of the day, I felt I had found answers to questions that were out there for years.

Now that you have read my story please read the transcripts and look at the pictures on Find a Grave and see Emma’s arm. Emma clearly has an injury.

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