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Susan Powell Update

Susan Powell

The recent news that Steven Powell was obsessed with Susan, writing hundreds of pages in his journals about her, brings to mind some important elements of the crime. He writes over and over again about being on the couch with her. Isn’t this where some of Susan’s blood was found?  On the floor and on the couch?  He may be reliving the murder. Where exactly did that couch go? This was seen in the Hailey Dunn disappearance. That couch was replaced. Why?

I do believe those journals are giving a lot of information about Susan’s disappearance. The direct direction(from my Forensic Astrology profile) that day she vanished is North. Where did Steven Powell live. NORTH!

Josh Powell says he went South, the day Susan vanished. We all know now he was a liar.

Yes I believe he had a part in her disappearance and knows where she is. He may be the last possible way to find her.

In reading the search warrant, Josh made a call to his father at 12:14 pm on December 6, 2009. The excuse was a pancake recipe. Yes and here is where I believe the two concocted a deadly pancake recipe to knock Susan out, possibly kill her. Susan was last seen by her friend, Jovanna Owings at 5pm. Susan reported she was tired and went to bed leaving Jovanna to untangle yarn by herself.

The couch called  a sofa was cleaned. Why was that?

Steven Powell has pleaded the Fifth amendment in the disappearance of Susan Powell. Why?

I believe he had the opportunity to now touch Susan after her death as he couldn’t and she wouldn’t let him touch her in life.

I am thinking Susan died on the 6th. Letters B, K and T would come into action. The numbers 2 and 11. There were 2 people involved and know of her death. Yes she is buried on earth, deep. Routes 11, 2 and 20 activated. I still say the location is first North and East.

We still have to find Susan. Investigate Steven Powell. Find Justice for Susan, her boys and Susan’s family. Josh is burning in hell.





Libra Missing Person Cases Get Help From Mars

Brittanee Drexel

Mars the planet of movement, action, fire, tempers, trouble, danger and more has moved into Libra. What does this mean? Any cases that have Libra victims may get a break, a boost, a conviction, a found person, body, evidence. In other words a break or change in the case.

Brittanee Drexel is one of these cases. Susan Powell is another. Michelle Parker from Florida is another Libra. Holly Bobo as well.

Michelle Parker Still Missing

These are only a few of the cases that come to mind right now.

Libras should also be put on notice that there may be a bit of trouble in their sign, legally, with relationships, divorce and balances now are tricky. This goes on until August 24th.

Divorces now like Tom Cruise and other celebs are also possible.

Mars in this sign triggers wind storms, air crashes especially in the East.

Susan Powell’s Blood On The Rug!

The notorious red stain found on the rug the day the police broke into Susan Powell’s home and found two fans running pointed at the spot, turns out to be Susan’s blood. Along with the fact that the police found tarps, a shovel and a generator in the car should tell the world Susan is dead.  Josh Powell also cleared out all her IRA accounts after Susan went missing. Scott Peterson Number 2. Now a letter written by Susan surfaces telling the world that she feared her husband would kill her and make it look like an accident was found in a safe deposit box. Blood, shovel, tarps, letter from Susan, IRA accounts drained. Why wasn’t Josh Powell arrested and put behind bars?

I myself am not surprised as I successfully through Forensic Astrology predicted this and more in my profile for Susan. Josh Powell was jealous of Susan for the person she was. He was such a coward that she was advancing, getting a job, doing things with her life and he wasn’t. Poor me. He wasn’t because his attitude and mental health were obnoxious. This probably because of his messed up father Steven who still sits in jail today awaiting his voyeurism charges.

I think it’s kind of funny that Josh chose fire to kill himself and the children as he will burn in hell for the rest of time. I said there was an explosion coming.

The police should have arrested Josh and did what they could to pressure him and keep him away from the boys and all this would have come out sooner. The boys were talking. Nobody listened. Child Protection should have removed the boys for their safety, especially if the police had all this evidence. Government is not working for us. Justice is not working for us. Susan is dead. The Powell boys are dead.

I have said it a million times and I will say it again America we have a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROBLEM in our country. Susan is another victim of Domestic Violence. The boys are also victims of Domestic Violence.

While Susan and the Boys are with the Lord, they have lost their lives due to our justice system failures.

Susan Powell Case: Insurance Policy, Explosion and Suicide All Documented By Linda Crystal In 2009

Now here we are in 2012 looking back. Susan Powell is still missing, her boys murdered by Josh Powell and Josh Powell did indeed kill himself in an explosion. All this EXACTLY like I said in the article below, why back in 2009. An insurance policy now is reported to not only have existed but changed by Josh Powell himself. Powell removed Susan as his beneficiary on his policy. This to me is an admission that he knows Susan is in fact DEAD!
The other item I want to bring out is that I said Josh had to stay somewhere with the boys back in 2009 and to check his receipts. It is now known that an employee, Robyn Leann Snyder, from the Comfort Inn in Sandy, Utah actually called in on the tip line and reported that she saw Josh and the boys as she was waitressing the morning Susan disappeared. Robyn stated that one of the boys asked her a question, “Do you know what happened to my mommie?” So obviously when Josh got back from his little camping trip he already had knowledge of Susan’s disappearance and so did the boys.
I remind you I knew nothing of the case other than Forensic Astrology that I did for the day, for Susan and for Josh Powell. I have highlighted the exact words that I wrote back then in 2009 in the article below.
Susan Powell Disappearance, Part 2 (Originally Published December 28, 2009 on Associated Content), By Linda Crystal
How many of you folks out there have been approached for DNA? Not many, very few if any at all, I am sure. It has never happened to me or anyone in my family, but according to the defense attorney for Josh Powell, it is so routine and he is dismissing it as “routine” in the media and makes it NOT important in Susan’s disappearance. This is why so many criminals get off and are running around in the world today. Laws protect them and the victim is out there somewhere waiting for discovery.Josh is NOT cooperating with police and if you listen to every twist his lawyer is putting out there, Josh looks like a choirboy. Josh doesn’t want to tell the police what Susan was wearing that day, when he last saw her, because he doesn’t want to talk, as he knows what she was wearing and he might slip up. He is silent so he doesn’t slip up. Ok so what did everyone see her wearing before she disappeared? If those clothes are not in the closet and her favorite nightgown is gone then she is in it.Susan’s keys, purse and cell phone were found in the house. There was no forced entry. This pretty much says it all. Now we have a controlling Josh/husband and he is trying to control the media and direction of this case, as well.

At best with the way Josh looks, he is suicidal and the boys are in danger of him. Also he is not looking for Susan and this case has all the Scott Peterson earmarks. Now Josh has lawyered up. Something to hide and he needs help getting himself out of this one.

Since I wrote my last article, part 1, it has been reported in The Salt Lake Tribune yesterday that I am right about the financial troubles the family was experiencing. A bankruptcy was filed. How much more accurate could I be in advance? Josh was threatened with divorce to improve his work and behavior and turned the tables on Susan. He now has custody of the boys, the house and everything in it and no child support for bills to pay to the wife, Susan. Smooth. I wonder if there is an insurance policy on Susan as well that he falls in line to inherit. Motive anyone?

Now quit looking for Susan where Josh has been misleading the police, as she is not there. He must have receipts for gas and foodstuff for the kids, right? Ok the police need to take a picture of the van and let the public see if anyone anyone anywhere in Utah saw the van that day. Get that picture out there; maybe someone will remember seeing it parked somewhere. Open up that search and tell the people to look for that van. Where’s the fire pit where they all happily cooked smores???? Camping is a lie and he is obstructing justice, not to mention may be the perpetrator of Susan’s odd disappearance at Christmas time.

A friend saw Josh’s hands and they looked freezer burned. Where were the kids then? In this sub zero temperature in the car somewhere?

Now the defense attorney is placing doubt about Josh out there, building a case, why? Does he need doubt? Apparently. Don’t let the truth be muddled.

Josh needs to tell the truth or be arrested for sure, Susan was a good person, mother, wife daughter, friend and she didn’t deserve this from this loser.

The Lord is always working behinds the scenes to uncover the truth for Susan and her boys. Jesus Never Fails!

Secret Codes In Your Name

Susan Powell, Josh Powell Examples
I am a person that will study the human being any way I can in an effort to know as much about the person as possible. This is so important in what I do to understand where a person may have disappeared to or what happened in a homicide.

Your names are carried with you most of your life

The way to find them in your own name is through a process known as Lexigrams.

Lexigrams are the secret codes or messages found in your name. We all have them, but do we know them?

The easiest way to do this is with scrabble squares. Take out all the letters of your name and place them on a table and start mixing them up to form words. I write them all down and then put little sayings together.

Due to the fact that I have been working so hard on the Susan Powell Case, I decided to get out her letters.

S u s a n P o w e l l

There are 11 numbers, this is important in itself It is a power number and means friends and this is what she wanted to have. The color is yellow for thoughts. It is a number where Susan liked to read and look up information, communicate. This is an air number.

Snaps, pow, nose, slap, wallop, pleas, lasso, lops, no pulse, pose

Alps, snow, alone, owl, plow, plane, nape, lawn

Plans, sales, loans, salon, loses, law, pawn, spouse

Pass, span, up, well, low

Sons nap, saw, lane, sole, soul

Ass, ale, us, sun, no, allow, EPA, sue, swap, was

Walls, panel, pane, ell, plan, pull, plus

Soap, swell, sell, leap, use

And I am sure there are more.

Susan’s first name was an 11 and her last name was an 11, adding up to 22 another power number for a total of 4, home and family, emotions, mother and motherhood. Two more air numbers.

Plane sees Susan, Susan alps, spouse slaps Susan nose, spouse loses Susan, spouse plans, spouse ass hole, sons nap, spouse pleas, sons saw, spouse uses soap on wash,

In doing Joshua Powel, I found they he to has 11 for his first name and 11 for his last name, also adding up to 4 for home and family. So it is clear that both felt they had things in common. However this may have also led to a major power struggle within the marriage for control and decision-making.

Susan’s first vowel is a u making her a universal person, liked by many. Susan was for the people. Josh was more for working and service. They both had letters that equate to one in beginning their names, making the competition harder.

Words from Joshua Powell are as follows:

Shop, hose, saw, jaws, laws, wells, wallop, hasp, plow, pools, soap, wash, hell, heap, shale, shallow, slap, loop, walls, poles, hollow, alps, shape, hole, ash, pleas, pale, pow

Joe, Lou, Joe, Jesop, Joel, Ella, Jesu, Jess, OJ

Whole, hope, heal, halo, soup, lap, loose, wool, loans, sales, spouse, use

Polo, solo, soul, sole, opal, pooh, jello, plow, hello, ale, spool

Now, there may be more words in both names. Very often you can get a personality out of the words in a person’s name is what I am getting at.

Now to make things more interesting you can put word together to make the actual Lexagrams, out of the same name.

Using Joshua I can get:

Slap spouse lose hope, wash walls use soap, shallow holes, loop alps, sales loans use laws, use laws lose spouse, spouse use pleas, help spouse, pow spouse jaws,

Very interesting combinations come up for this case, indeed.

There are some words that are shared because they had the same last name.

These are pow, alps, well, plow, low, saw, laws, slap, wallop, pleas, lasso, lops, pulse, pose, snow, owl,

I had said in an earlier profile of Susan, birds will be important in finding Susan. The owl is spiritually known as the bird of prey, death. In other words a predator is lurking and death has occurred. Both Josh and Susan have this word bird in their name. I have felt for some time that Susan is on the other side of life.

We know that Josh was washing the carpets. Okay somebody was washing the carpets. I am not sure if the police officially stated Josh was the one washing carpets. Joshua has the wash or this is important WASH. as an abbreviation, not Susan.

While the word alps is in both their name and I also said Susan is in a higher elevation, this word alps is important. Mountains would also fit the bill as alps here.

Both Susan and Joshua had snow in their names. Yes they lived in a place with lots of snow but Susan disappeared during the season of the snow. Important.

Wells are in both names too, but Joshua has “shallow holes” too.

I am hoping I have made my point and we shall see the outcome.

Re-Published by Linda Crystal

Forensic Astrologer, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Passed the New York State Exam for Private Investigator, BA Degree in Forensic Psychology, State University of New York. Author, Columnist, TV and Radio…   View profile

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  • What secrets are in your name?
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  • Carole Anne Somerville 3/30/2010 This is fascinating and something very new to me … food for thought, thank you.



Warrant For Josh Powell’s Storage Shed

Here is a link that will take you right to the search warrant, where officials found the blood stained comforter. The contents were said to be Susan’s belongings.

There are 6 pages to read at this link.

Thank you Fox News for this information.


Susan Powell Disappearance 12/6/2009

Susan was last seen Sunday 12/6/2009. Susan had gone to church and had a female friend visiting her at the house that day. Josh Powell was cooking pancakes. Susan said she did not feel well and wanted to lie down.

Who was alone with Susan in the house that day?  Josh Powell and the two kids.

A neighbor heard a car alarm go off in the Powell garage around 12 midnight.

When the children did not show up at daycare and Susan did not show up at her job, the police were contacted. Josh did not show up at his new job either.

The police broke into the house, and found a fan running, pointed at a wet spot on the carpet. Susan’s keys, purse were on the bed.  Susan disappeared from the house, leaving personal belongings behind.

Josh and the boys returned about 5pm Monday, No Susan.

Josh’s explanation was that he took the boys camping and they made smores. This in sub freezing temperatures, late at night, when they had daycare the next day and he had to work.

I am sorry if some of what I believe happened is difficult. I apologize, but we have to get at what ancient sciences point to.

I believe Susan went missing 12/6/2009. The day was a 2 day. The letters B, K and T will be important in the case. 2 is a low number. 2 people know what happened to Susan. 2 indicates throat, earth, ground and a tough fight. This is fists, beating, abuse. I say this because there are always 2 people in the fight ring, 2 in a cock fight.  This was a fight. Teeth were injured, the throat was injured. Bones I feel were broken. February and November will become important months in this case. The number 2 is also made up of 11, another important number. These numbers could be routes, addresses, etc.

This day was also a financial day. 2 means money and banking. I would tell you there was a big discussion about love and money on this day between 2 people. On this day there was an element of someone being stubborn. A bull. It was a bull day.The day is cold, snowy, low digits as the number 2 means cold. 2 is rocks, wood, minerals, earth.(crystals?)

After 12 midnight the day became a 3 day for travel North and South. This is when I believe Susan was moved. There was freedom, wind, change, communications. This was a very mental day. Thinking thoughts, public, media. A third person could have become involved on this day. This is communications with family, friends etc. Josh said they went south. The opposite direction is North for that day. North and South are extremely important in this case.Wind becomes important for this day. Air travel, airports are also important.

B, K and T are letters for persons, places and things that day 12/6/2009.

These numbers are low and indicate that 2-3 miles are distances that are important around the house. This could also be 20-30 miles.

I do believe that someone was seeking legal help in a relationship already at this time. The relationship has serious problems. Josh’s planet Saturn is sitting in Libra indicating a possible divorce, legal difficulties.

This planetary line up indicated restriction, control, almost a dictatorship in the marriage. A military type feeling where love should be.

There are two areas that indicate fights, bad tempers, problem with children. One area is Southeast in the home and outside the home. Blood spill, weapon, jealousy. Broken heart. This also indicates fires, heat. This is a danger zone. What is in the southeast area of the home and out from the home? This is a heated argument. The children heard this argument. The children heard many things.

Another area and this confirms the North direction, is direct North. This is toward a government piece of land, state park, father’s house, military school, college, government building or facility. This is a death zone. What is North in the home and from the home?

This death zone has something to do with a father, communication with a father. This zone is ruled by the government. Government building, location, area.

Planets indicate that a medicine surprise was delivered up. A sleep medication or tranquilizer. This is seen in two more planets that indicate there was some delusion, confusion going on. I do believe some kind of restrictions were used like bindings, ropes, tape, gags, etc.

The staging and I say “staging” because there is no planet affliction seen in this area was that Susan ran away. If Susan ran away, wouldn’t she take the boys?  Wouldn’t she take her keys and purse?

Now the aftermath that Josh Powell has killed himself and murdered the two children. If Susan were alive anywhere and heard this wouldn’t she come home?  Contact someone if she could? Susan as I have believed all along is deceased.





Josh Powell, Husband of Utah Woman, Reprint From 1/2010

This article was written and published by me in January 2010. Read it again with new eyes and see how close I got to the truth with forensic astrology and the ancient sciences. You can see I clearly pointed out the year 2012!

Since I wrote this on 12/31 a break is about to happen. Saturn, Josh’s planet is going retrograde. Either he is going back to the site where Susan is, or there is going to be a break in the case. A returning so to speak. This is happening tomorrow (1/14/10), Thursday. Josh may have to go into the police station or be forced somehow by the law to go back to the day Susan disappeared. During this time the law goes after Josh, maybe even arrests him. This period lasts into April, then Josh is seen getting another job and new vehicle and moving again.So now he moved as I mentioned further in and there IS a life insurance policy on Susan. WOW! I think the public has spoken on Josh for sure. The Millionaire Game Show. Let’s pole the audience. Josh made himself the person of interest with his own behavior, moving away on a missing wife.What do we know about Josh Powell, husband of Susan Powell, missing Utah mom? Not much, so I started digging and working on him. This is what I found through his birth date. Ancient sciences are thousands of years old. You can run, but you can’t hide.One of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac is a Wood Rabbit. Josh was born in 1976. He is technically a rabbit as his birth date falls prior to the changing at the 30th of January 1976. When you think of a rabbit, what do you see them usually doing? Running, hiding? Sound familiar? Yes, this is what we do see of Josh Powell. Rabbits hurt easily and do not like discord. Rabbits run under woodpiles. Clue, clue. Rabbits stick to the earth and confirms that’s where Susan is, on earth especially around trees and/or woodpiles. What did Josh take a generator for? Josh mentions camping in his interview and yes he may have said that because the van was packed, but who actually packed it?

Okay the fans were running. Josh is not saying that he turned the fans on. If Susan was there, would she set up the fans? If she left would she leave letting the fans stay on? Josh won’t talk because he has already said too much to the media. Whose fingerprints are on the carpet-cleaning gadget? If Susan were already gone, her prints would not be on the cleaner would they?

Now things get stranger from here. Rabbits and roosters are mortal enemies and are a danger to each other. Then Josh and Susan’s charts also have similar death zones, so they are in fact linked in this drama. To many things are lining up from different ancient sciences.

According to oriental sciences rabbits and roosters are opposites and would not get along, are not a good match and have nothing in common at all. Some of the characteristics of a rabbit are being cunning, possessive, obsessive and fussy One of the first things I do when I work a case through ancient sciences is look up the oriental signs. I compare everything. A mortal enemy means they could hurt or kill you.

Susan disappeared during the year of the ox; she would not give an inch and wanted her space, but watch what happens to Mr. Wood Rabbit in 2010. This is the upcoming year of the Metal Tiger, a strong opponent. If there ever was a tough year and someone needed help, this would be the animal to call on, a predator and man-eater. This year may eat him up and spit him out. The Metal Tiger is no match for the rabbit to take on. Metal much like jail bars.

Josh Powell, born January 20, 1976, age 33, is a Capricorn, the Goat. George Foreman is a Capricorn to give you an example. Capricorns do not like change and they want to be the leader. Susan was a metal Rooster, 1981 and a Libra, scales of justice. She would put up a nasty fight. Claws, maybe biting. Metal Rooster and Wood Rabbit. Remember I said birds will help find her or be around her.

Right now Capricorns have some major changes going on around them. The regeneration of life and death planet Pluto is in their sign. This indicates big changes. Pluto will be in the sign of Capricorn until 2023, 15 more years. So there is no doubt that Josh is under some stress from its transit in his sign. What changes that take place will last 15 years. Josh’s ruling planet is also in the sign of Virgo for work, making him work harder than ever before. Harder and longer hours. His Saturn moved into Libra (Susan’s sign of Libra and justice, legal and relationship areas) right at Halloween of 2009. and will stay there until October 2012. This is a long-term project regarding legalities, marriage, relationships, freedom, law and Susan. Josh may even consider divorcing Susan to make his case look even better.

Many times people come to me for compatibility questions and this is what I do. I let them see both signs as animals and how they would fare. You can clearly see the outcomes sometimes are not good. People should really reconsider some of the old ancient ways have merit in obtaining love and relationships. These methods are thousands of years old.

Now you blend a Capricorn earth sign with a Libra, which Susan is and see what you get. Many times air and earth can get along but an oak tree will withstand the wind so to speak and you can see who is stronger that way.

Joshua has communication problems with people. He is argumentative and speaks quickly many times without thinking, creating problems in his relationships with people. Many times he is not liked. He is impulsive in his speech and thoughts. A planet like this causes his sign to strangle and argue. He would have problems with neighbors and relatives. Running is his way out of a problem.

He has a Saturn in Cancer so he is restrictive and wants to be the boss of his household, more like a military drill Sergeant. He may have been sedating Susan and cooking the food to keep her energy down. He wanted her to have a lower profile, not be so perky or spirited. He wanted reservation and conservativeness from her. Susan was way to bubbly for him and he was trying to stifle her effervescence. Chemicals and fluids play into her disappearance.

Josh’s relationships are explosive and they tend to blow up in his face. Yes his chart indicates that he was capable of killing a spouse, through air, suffocation and strangling, chemicals and fluids. Not one but two areas of his chart show this. He himself will have problems with breathing; allergies and may often find himself constipated with back and teeth problems.

I might add here he can be a con artist; so selling real estate would be perfect for him. If he were to hold Susan, it would be in a house south near water, near a mother’s house or piece of real estate near a lake or campground that he could visit. He was a realtor, so he had access to many properties.

I believe he moved her south to West Valley to control her more and limit the friends and relatives from coming over, as Susan is a natural born communicator and loves relationships with people. Isolation is frequently used by controllers in domestic violence. They isolate you from family and friends and one method is moving you far away from them. Once the person is isolated they begin a barrage of techniques to gain more psychological control. Nothing is beneath these people. Controllers need to reduce their victim to their level, as they are jealous and do not want their victims to excel above them in any way. So they belittle, reduce, condemn, criticize, restrict their activities, limit friends and phone calls, relatives from coming over and chip away at the person’s successes, gaining more and more control. Read the book “Dancing as Fast As I Can” and this will show you how a person does this. Funny I call these abusers “cookie cutters” as they are all alike with what they do. It might start with I don’t think you can sing, I don’t like that makeup, I don’t like pigtails. It could be such trivial little things that cause major arguments. Do not let someone tell you how to dress or what make up to wear, because once you start doing what these abusers want, they have you and their requests continue to eternity.

Once an abuser, always an abuser. What other relationships did Josh have? There may be other girlfriends or lovers out there that have had an experience with him to verify his actions. This I can almost bet on. Usually abusers have closets and other victims. OJ Simpson’s girlfriend has just revealed on camera that she believed he killed Nicole and Ronald Goldman and that Simpson was in fact abusive toward her as well and threatened that she would end up like Nicole.

Sometimes abusers do not show their colors to anyone else around them, only the spouse, girlfriend or victim. They live a duality. My own family found it hard to believe that I was living with an abuser, as he was always so charming to outsiders, visitors and other family members. They hide. Then when I finally hid a tape recorder and taped what he was doing to me my family almost still couldn’t believe it, but were hearing it with their own ears. Generally they don’t want anyone to know what they are doing, so they change like chameleons.

I believe Josh may have served up a surprise cocktail if you will to knock Susan out or control her through drinks, food, alcohol or medicine.

Josh was attracted to Susan for her zest for life, but in a relationship did not want to share that or her with anyone one else, limiting Susan’s potential for happiness.

Josh’s ego is bigger than life. I think that is clearly seen in his website, He wants to be extremely successful. However his career here just blew up in his face. He comes across on TV as shifty and evasive. Who will buy a house from him now? He did it to himself, but he will blame other people for his mistakes, always making himself the victim.

He is extremely quick, so his wood rabbit self is very fast Woodpiles. Didn’t they have woodpiles near their house? All these pieces of his personality will be involved in Susan’s disappearance. So we know now that he drives fast and moves fast as a rabbit so Susan is not close by. Double the miles and distance now with his speed.

Josh’s emotions are changeable and he is capable of being an actor, con artist type of guy. He has stress issues and worries a lot. However he makes decisions so quickly sometimes, they do not pan out. He is ruled by finances, so finances had something to do with Susan’s disappearance. A fight over the children and holiday spending maybe, as money is a huge problem in the relationship. Money, the children and love were at the core of this argument that I believed turned deadly. If he found out that Susan was planning a divorce, then Josh started planning too, in a different direction. In fact he started seeking legal help according to his chart in late October. Maybe this is why he lawyer-ed up so fast. He already had contacts.

North is the direction of travel that day, toward, work, land, mountains, real estate, father, military, government land. East is the direction of death in Susan’s chart (through air). Susan will be found in either of those directions on earth. Susan is definitely near wood and trees, things that are wooden.

An argument, high energy for sure going on here, someone leaving quickly southeast section of house, then a fatal fight in the Eastern section of the house, the relationship part of the house, bedroom through air, suffocation, lack of air. Drive North, burial North. Susan is on the earth, or under the earth, in a higher region North, possibly under rocks, snow, earth. Josh is the only person in this scenario. I am picking up that Susan may have packed the vehicle (what things were packed) and attempted to leave, the car alarm going off may have been set off too by Susan for help, and of course Josh blocked her, a fight broke out and the above paragraph went into play. The most dangerous time in an abusive relationship, is when someone is trying to leave.

Josh has already been consulting a lawyer since the end of October over divorce, so I believe he had a plan about an ending. There may also be an alternative relationship through a work tie. Things will heat up for Josh in February. We won’t find out until February, and then Josh is going to move Southeast. Josh will not stay in the house (this article was written 12/31/09, this has now happened also like I said). Hopefully this is Josh getting arrested through evidence linking him to Susan’s disappearance. You can run, but you can’t hide.

News about Susan will break after January 19th, as she starts sending out airwaves to be found. Some form of airplane, appliance, communication device, electrical equipment, line worker, service worker may find her. A group of searchers or birders, remember she is a communicator. Birds may circle or be drawn to her. A person like me may help her then. Right now she is stationary until January 19th, then changes begin to happen around her, exposing her in some way. This has to do with friends, communications, electricity, and the airwaves. This direction is North by Northwest. By February 12th there is water around her. Maybe this is a thaw. These are tears of emotions.

Both Susan and Josh have similar planets in their 7th house showing that their relationship is doomed and volatile. The Rooster and The Rabbit are mortal enemies. It sounds bad and is bad. By March 8th there are new developments, Sun and her head may be exposed. This is a new beginning.

Regardless of death, we still change and the cycle continues.

By May there shows a possible reuniting with family, as this is a favorable time and planets are harmonious with Susan as a Libra then. I am sorry; I believe that Susan is with the Lord. The Lord sees all.

I do not know Josh Powell personally or any of the family in any way. I have never been to Utah. I live in the Northeast. As I have worked on so many cases through the years, I wish to show that astrology and the ancient sciences can prove beneficial in locating missing people. Through astrology, locations, numbers, letters, manner of death, location of victim and possible suspects can be determined very quickly. A court of law, evidence and prosecution must be utilized to convict the guilty. Having the victim’s body, proves manner of death and leads to the arrest. Time is of the essence in preserving evidence. Astrology can help fill in the blanks as to what has happened until a time-line and evidence itself proves the case.

We in the spiritual realm believe the universe memorizes every event that happens. Akashic Records (collective consciousness), as they are known. These events are locked in truth. The truth can never be changed. All of the psychic sciences are found in these records. So whatever happened to Susan will never change. The truth will come to the surface through these records.

There are many that believe. Those that do not believe have never studied this realm or have any educational background in it. Some people may have a religious argument and agenda. Phenomena exists whether we like or not. For us that were born with the gift, know this realm exists.

I am documenting this article for a reason and that is to prove that this can be done, over and over again. What if I am right? Will it be a coincidence?

I wrote about the disappearance in Part 1 and the financial problems were then posted. There is more unfolding.

Most of the cases where women are victims, the boyfriend or spouse is the number one perp. Think about who else would have a grudge against Susan after reading about the diary and all her fears. It was way worse then anyone knew and she was trying to hang in there and save her marriage. It may have cost her life. This is why most counselors will tell you; just leave as quickly as you can when you are in a domestic violence situation. I am a survivor, Susan is a victim. In Josh’s mind, he has won. He has the kids and will make sure that his parents get custody if he gets jailed and Susan’s parents get nothing. Susan’s parents are doing exactly what Susan did and Josh is winning. They need to change their strategy.

Josh is walking around without Susan. If he stashed Susan somewhere, he would have to go and take care of her. People that steal another person don’t waste their energy on taking care of them. The Garrido thing is very rare. Josh is living his life. This was planned. Susan was not the kind of person to not call her parents or her children for the holidays. This is a good girl, not a runaway. There is only one reason why Susan is not contacting anyone and that is because she is gone. That is also why Josh is so distraught. Josh knows she is gone and is acting exactly like Scott Peterson.

Josh has lawyered up and by the way I received a comment from someone who was awful mad about what I am writing about. In fact attacked my integrity. Was it Josh or his attorney? The truth hurts doesn’t it? Do not pay any attention to reasonable doubt planters. A woman is missing and they are going to stick up for the person of interest.

Susan disappeared on 12/6/2009. The letters of that day are B, K and T. Person, places and things with those letters will be responsible and involved in Susan’s disappearance. The number 2 also becomes important. I say this now because Susan was reported missing on 12/7/09, however I really believe that she disappeared on 12/6 and the letters on that day become important. The number 2 and 11 now come into play. There is at least one other person that knows what has happened to Susan and I am suspecting a girlfriend or friend. Money was also being made through this person, so someone Josh worked with? A money source is very important in the case. 2 is also a number of love and abuse about the throat. 2 people involved.

There was a full moon a couple of days prior to Susan disappearing, so an ending was planned and coming. This was 12/2/09 and 12/03/09. A discussion about freedom, calls, communications, community plans and visits. Meetings were taking place, but with whom and where? Shopping discussions were happening. Susan had home, mother, and motherhood on her mind. Susan may have wanted to pack the kids up and go home to her mother. On 12/6/09 the planets show Josh taking the kids. Long cold driving North by Josh. Woods, forests, higher elevations, also to father and work.

Love and Money and the number 2 play into the entire year of 2009. Again the number 2. It is important in Susan’s disappearance.

The month of December 2009 was a 5-month, love, passion, and the kids.

Purse, keys and cell phone on bed. Susan wouldn’t need them and she was never coming back. Susan was leaving with someone that she trusted and felt she didn’t need them. If Susan left on a trip she would take all these things with her, even if it was to call her own family and not Josh.

I travel with my cell phone everywhere I go. I take my purse with me. I always have my keys. Only the close family members will know how Susan treated these articles. The only time I did not have my purse, cell phone or keys was when I was having surgery and then my husband had them. Funny.

Also I do not put all my things on the bed. I put my keys on the couch when I walk in. I put my purse on the doorknob of my bedroom and my cell phone is in my purse. So these things all being on the bed say something. Who gathered them? Why did they gather them? There was no forced entry and there was no burglary. Two fans were drying a wet spot. Nobody broke into that home. Somebody was cleaning. Cleaning at night, why? No one calls in to work. And the only one we know that is walking around and has phones but is not using them to call the day care or work is Josh. His cell phone would have pinged location. A pay phone would have been out of town, so no he couldn’t call anyone. This is a man that says he cares so much that he doesn’t call his new employer, or his children’s day care or for that matter call back to his wife. Why? Because he knows Susan’s not there.

Unless, Susan packed the van and had them on the bed ready to take in one fell swoop, but was intercepted. Questions on how the van was packed. Was it packed by Josh or Susan? How would a woman pack the van versus a man?

If Josh had nothing to do with Susan’s disappearance the entire scene would look different. Was there evidence of a struggle? Break in? Robbery? Rape? None of those that I can see. The occupants are doing everything.

This seems to be an organized crime scene and evidence will be hard to collect. The person keeps his mouth shut and holds out that nature will destroy the body, which is hid well, and eventually the whole thing fades away. Unless the family and friends of Susan’s do something.

Hire private detectives. Search on your own. Get as many search parties as you can. Look further away, as Susan is not close. Get pictures of that van and rental car out to other towns and places especially North and East. Organize, organize, organize, but do not just wait for the police. While they are conducting an investigation, they are just waiting for a body to turn up. It costs millions to handle a case of this magnitude. The family needs mega help. Get those fliers posted up where he lives in that community. Keep the pressure on him. Do not let him run. Do not let him hide. Susan’s parents need to file visitation/custody legally as soon as possible of the boys, but I am not a lawyer.There are grand parents advocates out there. The boys should have been kept in that county where they lived. Josh is keeping them locked up now. This is all being orchestrated by lawyers and I have seen it so many times. This is not a time to be passive. I am sure this is very hard, start fighting back.

Perps operate in their comfort zone. Work, play, live zones. Any one of these zones that Josh was aware of is where Susan could be. He cut wood for fire? He sold real estate property. His father lives North. A place safe, secure, secluded.

Documented today 12/31/09, Linda Crystal

Rewrite 1/20/10

Republished after death of Josh Powell & Sons