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Susan Powell Update

Susan Powell

The recent news that Steven Powell was obsessed with Susan, writing hundreds of pages in his journals about her, brings to mind some important elements of the crime. He writes over and over again about being on the couch with her. Isn’t this where some of Susan’s blood was found?  On the floor and on the couch?  He may be reliving the murder. Where exactly did that couch go? This was seen in the Hailey Dunn disappearance. That couch was replaced. Why?

I do believe those journals are giving a lot of information about Susan’s disappearance. The direct direction(from my Forensic Astrology profile) that day she vanished is North. Where did Steven Powell live. NORTH!

Josh Powell says he went South, the day Susan vanished. We all know now he was a liar.

Yes I believe he had a part in her disappearance and knows where she is. He may be the last possible way to find her.

In reading the search warrant, Josh made a call to his father at 12:14 pm on December 6, 2009. The excuse was a pancake recipe. Yes and here is where I believe the two concocted a deadly pancake recipe to knock Susan out, possibly kill her. Susan was last seen by her friend, Jovanna Owings at 5pm. Susan reported she was tired and went to bed leaving Jovanna to untangle yarn by herself.

The couch called  a sofa was cleaned. Why was that?

Steven Powell has pleaded the Fifth amendment in the disappearance of Susan Powell. Why?

I believe he had the opportunity to now touch Susan after her death as he couldn’t and she wouldn’t let him touch her in life.

I am thinking Susan died on the 6th. Letters B, K and T would come into action. The numbers 2 and 11. There were 2 people involved and know of her death. Yes she is buried on earth, deep. Routes 11, 2 and 20 activated. I still say the location is first North and East.

We still have to find Susan. Investigate Steven Powell. Find Justice for Susan, her boys and Susan’s family. Josh is burning in hell.





Libra Missing Person Cases Get Help From Mars

Brittanee Drexel

Mars the planet of movement, action, fire, tempers, trouble, danger and more has moved into Libra. What does this mean? Any cases that have Libra victims may get a break, a boost, a conviction, a found person, body, evidence. In other words a break or change in the case.

Brittanee Drexel is one of these cases. Susan Powell is another. Michelle Parker from Florida is another Libra. Holly Bobo as well.

Michelle Parker Still Missing

These are only a few of the cases that come to mind right now.

Libras should also be put on notice that there may be a bit of trouble in their sign, legally, with relationships, divorce and balances now are tricky. This goes on until August 24th.

Divorces now like Tom Cruise and other celebs are also possible.

Mars in this sign triggers wind storms, air crashes especially in the East.

Susan Powell’s Blood On The Rug!

The notorious red stain found on the rug the day the police broke into Susan Powell’s home and found two fans running pointed at the spot, turns out to be Susan’s blood. Along with the fact that the police found tarps, a shovel and a generator in the car should tell the world Susan is dead.  Josh Powell also cleared out all her IRA accounts after Susan went missing. Scott Peterson Number 2. Now a letter written by Susan surfaces telling the world that she feared her husband would kill her and make it look like an accident was found in a safe deposit box. Blood, shovel, tarps, letter from Susan, IRA accounts drained. Why wasn’t Josh Powell arrested and put behind bars?

I myself am not surprised as I successfully through Forensic Astrology predicted this and more in my profile for Susan. Josh Powell was jealous of Susan for the person she was. He was such a coward that she was advancing, getting a job, doing things with her life and he wasn’t. Poor me. He wasn’t because his attitude and mental health were obnoxious. This probably because of his messed up father Steven who still sits in jail today awaiting his voyeurism charges.

I think it’s kind of funny that Josh chose fire to kill himself and the children as he will burn in hell for the rest of time. I said there was an explosion coming.

The police should have arrested Josh and did what they could to pressure him and keep him away from the boys and all this would have come out sooner. The boys were talking. Nobody listened. Child Protection should have removed the boys for their safety, especially if the police had all this evidence. Government is not working for us. Justice is not working for us. Susan is dead. The Powell boys are dead.

I have said it a million times and I will say it again America we have a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROBLEM in our country. Susan is another victim of Domestic Violence. The boys are also victims of Domestic Violence.

While Susan and the Boys are with the Lord, they have lost their lives due to our justice system failures.

Susan Powell Case: Insurance Policy, Explosion and Suicide All Documented By Linda Crystal In 2009

Now here we are in 2012 looking back. Susan Powell is still missing, her boys murdered by Josh Powell and Josh Powell did indeed kill himself in an explosion. All this EXACTLY like I said in the article below, why back in 2009. An insurance policy now is reported to not only have existed but changed by Josh Powell himself. Powell removed Susan as his beneficiary on his policy. This to me is an admission that he knows Susan is in fact DEAD!
The other item I want to bring out is that I said Josh had to stay somewhere with the boys back in 2009 and to check his receipts. It is now known that an employee, Robyn Leann Snyder, from the Comfort Inn in Sandy, Utah actually called in on the tip line and reported that she saw Josh and the boys as she was waitressing the morning Susan disappeared. Robyn stated that one of the boys asked her a question, “Do you know what happened to my mommie?” So obviously when Josh got back from his little camping trip he already had knowledge of Susan’s disappearance and so did the boys.
I remind you I knew nothing of the case other than Forensic Astrology that I did for the day, for Susan and for Josh Powell. I have highlighted the exact words that I wrote back then in 2009 in the article below.
Susan Powell Disappearance, Part 2 (Originally Published December 28, 2009 on Associated Content), By Linda Crystal
How many of you folks out there have been approached for DNA? Not many, very few if any at all, I am sure. It has never happened to me or anyone in my family, but according to the defense attorney for Josh Powell, it is so routine and he is dismissing it as “routine” in the media and makes it NOT important in Susan’s disappearance. This is why so many criminals get off and are running around in the world today. Laws protect them and the victim is out there somewhere waiting for discovery.Josh is NOT cooperating with police and if you listen to every twist his lawyer is putting out there, Josh looks like a choirboy. Josh doesn’t want to tell the police what Susan was wearing that day, when he last saw her, because he doesn’t want to talk, as he knows what she was wearing and he might slip up. He is silent so he doesn’t slip up. Ok so what did everyone see her wearing before she disappeared? If those clothes are not in the closet and her favorite nightgown is gone then she is in it.Susan’s keys, purse and cell phone were found in the house. There was no forced entry. This pretty much says it all. Now we have a controlling Josh/husband and he is trying to control the media and direction of this case, as well.

At best with the way Josh looks, he is suicidal and the boys are in danger of him. Also he is not looking for Susan and this case has all the Scott Peterson earmarks. Now Josh has lawyered up. Something to hide and he needs help getting himself out of this one.

Since I wrote my last article, part 1, it has been reported in The Salt Lake Tribune yesterday that I am right about the financial troubles the family was experiencing. A bankruptcy was filed. How much more accurate could I be in advance? Josh was threatened with divorce to improve his work and behavior and turned the tables on Susan. He now has custody of the boys, the house and everything in it and no child support for bills to pay to the wife, Susan. Smooth. I wonder if there is an insurance policy on Susan as well that he falls in line to inherit. Motive anyone?

Now quit looking for Susan where Josh has been misleading the police, as she is not there. He must have receipts for gas and foodstuff for the kids, right? Ok the police need to take a picture of the van and let the public see if anyone anyone anywhere in Utah saw the van that day. Get that picture out there; maybe someone will remember seeing it parked somewhere. Open up that search and tell the people to look for that van. Where’s the fire pit where they all happily cooked smores???? Camping is a lie and he is obstructing justice, not to mention may be the perpetrator of Susan’s odd disappearance at Christmas time.

A friend saw Josh’s hands and they looked freezer burned. Where were the kids then? In this sub zero temperature in the car somewhere?

Now the defense attorney is placing doubt about Josh out there, building a case, why? Does he need doubt? Apparently. Don’t let the truth be muddled.

Josh needs to tell the truth or be arrested for sure, Susan was a good person, mother, wife daughter, friend and she didn’t deserve this from this loser.

The Lord is always working behinds the scenes to uncover the truth for Susan and her boys. Jesus Never Fails!

Secret Codes In Your Name

Susan Powell, Josh Powell Examples
I am a person that will study the human being any way I can in an effort to know as much about the person as possible. This is so important in what I do to understand where a person may have disappeared to or what happened in a homicide.

Your names are carried with you most of your life

The way to find them in your own name is through a process known as Lexigrams.

Lexigrams are the secret codes or messages found in your name. We all have them, but do we know them?

The easiest way to do this is with scrabble squares. Take out all the letters of your name and place them on a table and start mixing them up to form words. I write them all down and then put little sayings together.

Due to the fact that I have been working so hard on the Susan Powell Case, I decided to get out her letters.

S u s a n P o w e l l

There are 11 numbers, this is important in itself It is a power number and means friends and this is what she wanted to have. The color is yellow for thoughts. It is a number where Susan liked to read and look up information, communicate. This is an air number.

Snaps, pow, nose, slap, wallop, pleas, lasso, lops, no pulse, pose

Alps, snow, alone, owl, plow, plane, nape, lawn

Plans, sales, loans, salon, loses, law, pawn, spouse

Pass, span, up, well, low

Sons nap, saw, lane, sole, soul

Ass, ale, us, sun, no, allow, EPA, sue, swap, was

Walls, panel, pane, ell, plan, pull, plus

Soap, swell, sell, leap, use

And I am sure there are more.

Susan’s first name was an 11 and her last name was an 11, adding up to 22 another power number for a total of 4, home and family, emotions, mother and motherhood. Two more air numbers.

Plane sees Susan, Susan alps, spouse slaps Susan nose, spouse loses Susan, spouse plans, spouse ass hole, sons nap, spouse pleas, sons saw, spouse uses soap on wash,

In doing Joshua Powel, I found they he to has 11 for his first name and 11 for his last name, also adding up to 4 for home and family. So it is clear that both felt they had things in common. However this may have also led to a major power struggle within the marriage for control and decision-making.

Susan’s first vowel is a u making her a universal person, liked by many. Susan was for the people. Josh was more for working and service. They both had letters that equate to one in beginning their names, making the competition harder.

Words from Joshua Powell are as follows:

Shop, hose, saw, jaws, laws, wells, wallop, hasp, plow, pools, soap, wash, hell, heap, shale, shallow, slap, loop, walls, poles, hollow, alps, shape, hole, ash, pleas, pale, pow

Joe, Lou, Joe, Jesop, Joel, Ella, Jesu, Jess, OJ

Whole, hope, heal, halo, soup, lap, loose, wool, loans, sales, spouse, use

Polo, solo, soul, sole, opal, pooh, jello, plow, hello, ale, spool

Now, there may be more words in both names. Very often you can get a personality out of the words in a person’s name is what I am getting at.

Now to make things more interesting you can put word together to make the actual Lexagrams, out of the same name.

Using Joshua I can get:

Slap spouse lose hope, wash walls use soap, shallow holes, loop alps, sales loans use laws, use laws lose spouse, spouse use pleas, help spouse, pow spouse jaws,

Very interesting combinations come up for this case, indeed.

There are some words that are shared because they had the same last name.

These are pow, alps, well, plow, low, saw, laws, slap, wallop, pleas, lasso, lops, pulse, pose, snow, owl,

I had said in an earlier profile of Susan, birds will be important in finding Susan. The owl is spiritually known as the bird of prey, death. In other words a predator is lurking and death has occurred. Both Josh and Susan have this word bird in their name. I have felt for some time that Susan is on the other side of life.

We know that Josh was washing the carpets. Okay somebody was washing the carpets. I am not sure if the police officially stated Josh was the one washing carpets. Joshua has the wash or this is important WASH. as an abbreviation, not Susan.

While the word alps is in both their name and I also said Susan is in a higher elevation, this word alps is important. Mountains would also fit the bill as alps here.

Both Susan and Joshua had snow in their names. Yes they lived in a place with lots of snow but Susan disappeared during the season of the snow. Important.

Wells are in both names too, but Joshua has “shallow holes” too.

I am hoping I have made my point and we shall see the outcome.

Re-Published by Linda Crystal

Forensic Astrologer, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Passed the New York State Exam for Private Investigator, BA Degree in Forensic Psychology, State University of New York. Author, Columnist, TV and Radio…   View profile

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Warrant For Josh Powell’s Storage Shed

Here is a link that will take you right to the search warrant, where officials found the blood stained comforter. The contents were said to be Susan’s belongings.

There are 6 pages to read at this link.

Thank you Fox News for this information.