Tiffany Sessions Breaking News, Linda Crystal Forensic Astrology Profile Correct!

A journal written by a man named Paul Rowles, a convicted rapist and murderer, was found to contain the date that Tiffany was abducted 2/9/1989. Written before and after the date the “#2“  was written. Rowles died last year of cancer in jail. Good riddens I say.

Here is my documented profile from years ago that I posted about Tiffany Sessions. In the profile I correctly named “Taurus” as one of the suspects in her disappearance. Paul Rowles was a Taurus. I said delivery was a part of his daily work. Paul Rowles was a pizza delivery man. Taurus would bury his victims as he is an earth sign. Tiffany was a Scorpio and would be found around woods and water. Forensic Astrology works or I would not be able to do this repeatedly in every case I work on. I correctly said there are other women he did this to. Once again I am right. I am sorry but this was a tough man and he would be extremely abusive and harsh. He would beat and do throat damage as well. As a Scorpio, Tiffany’s case would take a long time to come out. Her planet Pluto stays in a sign a long time. Now there is movement in her planet and by the end of this year there may be a discovery of her body. However it is not exactly where they are looking right now. The numbers of the day are 2 and 11. They are around where Tiffany was taken and buried. The letters B, K and T will also be around Tiffany’s location of burial. There is also an article I wrote at Yahoo Voices once you watch the video, documenting more. Link is below video.This is how Forensic Astrology profiles WORK! Yes, they do work!

Tiffany walked by where Rowles was working almost everyday. He also worked construction, exactly as I have said in the profile. Beth Foster was buried right near where Tiffany walked as well. This is 13th and Route 331. The chart of this man indicates there are other killings.

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